Solutions for an Ideal Healthcare System

What are the questions?

This blog has no political or personal agenda. It is meant to kindle discussions and thoughts that may eventually lead to public policy changes in any country anywhere in the world. It is not an opinion. It is an exploration of thoughts about what makes a healthcare system ideal and how to deliver that ideal healthcare now and in the future. It is about encouraging tools, definitions and discussions to build an ideal healthcare system. We are not aimiElder Counselingng for immortality and freedom from disease. We are not aiming for a specific health outcome. We are instead aiming for a process – a way to live life with dignity and in balance with our surroundings. As a civilization, where do we see ourselves a century from now in healthcare delivery? That is a question that warrants discussion. That is the question this blog seeks to address.

Evolving healthcare technologies, new innovations and path breaking research into healthcare will inevitably alter the landscape of national healthcare systems. Changing economies and costs will also impact healthcare systems of the future. Finally, the evolution of diseases, pathogens and demographics will also direct future healthcare systems. How do we cope with these myriad variables in forging a healthcare of the distant future that is built brick-by-brick to reach a desired long-term goal rather than sit passively in a train of ever adapting short-term changes that may be responsive to the politically tumultuous weather of Now rather than the calm of Then.

What is the process?

Bringing about an ideal healthcare system for the world is bottom-up process rather than a top-down process. We all want for ourselves something that is collectively difficult to achieve. It is believed that in such situations, the actions and voices of the grassroots will engender a rising tide of collective will to bring about such changes.

Can an ideal healthcare system ever exist? If so how do we define it? How do we implement it? These are questions discussed in this blog.  Building an ideal healthcare system is not about lobbying, not about special interests, not about politics and not about the economy. It is about your health, your life and your death. It answers two questions: How do you want to live? How do you want to die?

What can you do?

Spread the message that we can all benefit by having honest, frank, and loud discussions oTelescope-childn structuring an ideal healthcare system. Feel free to share this blog and its contents through social media through the links provided in every page and post. It is hoped that you will enjoy the blog, talk to people about your ideas and thoughts about healthcare and be part of all of those who work hard to oil the sluggish wheels of political economy to deliver the dream of an ideal healthcare 100 years from now!

One thing is certain: each one of us will be a patient one day. But today, let us arise, awake and work together to bring tonal beauty and persuasive consonance to a cacophony of voices.

Thank you for stopping by to read this blog.

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