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Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand in SurgeryThe blogger is Dr. Venkatraman Sadanand. He is a pediatric neurosurgeon and epilepsy surgeon by profession with practice experience in three countries. He is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of HouseCallsNow.com. Dr. Sadanand received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India. He graduated with an MS and PhD in economics and game theory from Caltech. Subsequently, he obtained an MD from the University of Toronto, a neurosurgery residency from the University of Saskatchewan and a pediatric neurosurgery fellowship from Northwestern University, Chicago.

Dr. Sadanand’s clinical experience is in Pediatric Neurosurgery and Epilepsy Surgery. His entrepreneurial interests are in Information Technology. His teaching experience is in Neurosurgery, Strategic Game Theory, Economics and Business Management while his research experience is in clinical epidemiology, health economics, brain-computer interface, neural plasticity and cognition, game theory. It brings great joy to him to explore the fields of mathematics, engineering, economics, business and medicine.

He spends considerable amounts of time volunteering for a group of physicians who provide free and compassionate healthcare to rural and economically disadvantaged communities globally.

It is his hope that together, the people of this world can brew a movement originating at the grassroots to bring about a global social transformation to deliver an ideal healthcare system. This will be a system that every human being has to inevitably face as a patient some day.  It may help us all to start thinking about that ideal system today rather than end up facing a bland healthcare system in the future that cares more about the disease than the patient. Perhaps, like the classic Apple Superbowl message, it is time now to question the entrenched.

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